• July 18, 2021

Arizona State University, Arizona State Flower Museum to offer flower images

Arizona State is planning to offer a new series of flower photos on its Flickr account.

The project is an effort to help preserve Arizona’s landscape.

The museum’s new Flickr account will have a new “Flower” section, a new category for the state’s state flower, and a new photo gallery.

The new Flickr page will include more than a million photos of flowers.

The new project is in response to a request from the university’s Center for Plant Conservation, which said it needs more than 2 million pictures of its state’s flora.

The center also said it wants to preserve its iconic trees, including the state pine, red pine, yellow pine and azaleas.

The project will be limited to photographs of the state flower.

The University of Arizona and the State of Arizona have both expressed interest in the project.

“Flower is a beautiful thing to behold,” said Michael Marder, director of the Center for Plants and Animals, in a press release.

“It is the most beautiful thing in the world.

Its beauty is beyond words.

We all love to see the beauty of nature.

It is a wonderful thing.”

Arizona State University says it plans to create the new Flickr section for the flowers.