• September 8, 2021

Bleeding heart: What happens when you try to be a flower?

Bleeding Heart: What does it mean to be an ‘insect’ and how does that relate to the human condition?

Bleeding Hearts own, Jai, and I take a look at what it means to be human and the implications of that for us as a species.

We start by looking at the concept of insects and their importance in nature, before moving into what it takes to be one.

Insects have evolved to survive and thrive in extreme environments.

This is where their symbiotic relationship with plants begins, and we explore what plants are like for them.

Next, we explore the ways in which insects interact with humans, and look at how these relationships can shape us in the world around us.

We conclude with a look back at what’s happened to flowers over the past 50 years and how this affects us as humans.

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