• July 27, 2021

How to get a birth flower on March 11th

In celebration of March 11, Polygon’s Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are taking a trip to a hospital in London to capture the beauty of birth flowers.

 And they’re taking advantage of the fact that the flowers themselves are free.

We got to the hospital, and they said they’d give us free flowers.

We’re like, oh!

That’s amazing!

We’re there and we’re like oh, thank you very much.

So we’re taking photos and we are like, hey, it’s amazing how free they are.

We take the photo and we just kind of laugh.

I think the best part is the staff at the hospital are super cool.

They really are very kind and they’re really caring.

They’re very accommodating.

I think that’s the biggest part of it.

It’s a great way to celebrate birthdays.

They can help you celebrate birthday with them.

They’ll have flowers for you, you can get a gift, and then they’ll let you know that you can bring the flowers home with you.

So it’s a really good thing.

The hospital staff are super sweet and helpful.

The nurses are also really nice and patient.

We went and got the flowers, and the nurses were really kind and accommodating.

They even gave us some free gift cards.

It was very fun.

The staff were super nice, and I loved how we were able to take a photo with them and share it.

The flowers are actually free to the staff.

The hospitals staff are also free to take photos with us.

So I really appreciate it.

The staff at St. Jude’s are also taking a special trip to the United Kingdom for the birth of their second baby.

They’re taking a group photo of themselves and their new baby, who is named Olivia.

Olivia is due in mid-March, and you can check out a photo of her and her parents below.

She is due April 15, and we hope to have her birth here in the United States by that date.

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