• August 12, 2021

Lego Flower Bouquet, Lego Flower Drawing, and Lego Flower Painting

Lego Flower bouquets are a popular art form that has been in use for centuries.

As part of the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the world’s first Lego flower, the world will celebrate the 50 years of the Lego flower and the 50 new Lego flowers each year.

This year, the Lego Flower Bonsai Festival is being held in Japan and the world is celebrating.

The event will be held on February 11 and 12.

The Lego Flower Boutique in Tokyo will offer a wide selection of Lego flowers.

In this series of photos, you can see some of the new Lego flower designs being created by Lego.

New Lego Flower Art and Lego Floral Prints: The following are examples of some of our most popular new Lego Flower designs.

Leafy Flowers and Leaves:This new Lego design combines a leafy design with the traditional red and white flowers. 

This is the original Leafy Flower in the Lego Art Gallery.

Flower of Life: This new Lego creation features a white leaf and red flowers with a red bow.

Tulip Flower: This is a leaf design with a white ribbon and a red flower.

Strawberry Flower:This is a floral design with two white flowers and a pink bow.

The following are more examples of our newest LEGO Flower designs: Bamboo Flower:  This new design features bamboo leaves and flowers.

It was created by Japanese artist Yoshimi Saito.

Plant Flower: This one is a new Lego floral design.

The bamboo leaf and flowers were made by Japanese designer Kazuyuki Takada. 

Bucumber Flower:  This is an origami floral design made by artist Yuji Igarashi. 

Honeydew Flower:A new origami flower design by Japanese sculptor Yuji Yamamoto.

Budweiser Flower: The original Budweiser flower was created in the 1950s by artist Jack Johnson.

Lemon Flower:The original Lemon flower was made in Japan in 1958. 

The original lemon flower is now a popular design for children’s toys.