• August 19, 2021

When a Flower Market Goes To The Moon: What Happens When A Flower Market Gets There

This is the story of the first time that an entire flower market went to the moon.It was March 20, 1961, in a town in the Chinese province of Hubei.The city was about 80 miles north of Beijing, and about 1,200 flower vendors were in the market at the time.The organizers of the event were…

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Why the ‘amarylla’ flower is so rare, says anemones expert

Anemones are beautiful, but they’re also incredibly hard to find.And with the blooms becoming harder to find and the number of them on display dwindling, you might be wondering why you should bother with one of the most common species of flower.“They’re beautiful,” says the Anemone Research Institute’s Dr Andrew Kelleher, a researcher who studies…

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