• September 2, 2021

How to spot butterfly peas and flower beds on the ground

A little background: A butterfly pean is a small, green or white flower that can be found in many habitats, from green grasslands to rocky mountains and deserts.Butterfly peas are also commonly referred to as flower beds, which is because they are made up of a number of different species of flower that are often…

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Arizona State’s Flower Festival draws more than 2,000 guests

AUSTIN — A parade of giant sequoias and other Arizona State University artworks is set to take place this weekend, as part of a festival that honors the state’s state flower.The “Arizona State Flower Festival” is taking place from Saturday, April 8, through Sunday, April 9, when the Tempe area will be the hub for…

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Arizona State University, Arizona State Flower Museum to offer flower images

Arizona State is planning to offer a new series of flower photos on its Flickr account.The project is an effort to help preserve Arizona’s landscape.The museum’s new Flickr account will have a new “Flower” section, a new category for the state’s state flower, and a new photo gallery.The new Flickr page will include more than…

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