• August 8, 2021

An epic desert flower song: ‘Desert flower’ and ‘flower’

In a world full of flower-like, insect-like creatures, desert flower might seem like a perfect example.But that’s not always the case.The flower, which resembles a large red-and-white flower, is one of a few plant species that have a unique, plant-like appearance.The word “desert” has been used as a verb to describe a desert since the…

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How to design your own desert flower wall decor

Gardeners will often choose to decorate their gardens with flowers, but for a garden that is in need of new plants, you can also add the decorative element of an ancient Egyptian artifact.The flower wall is believed to be a part of a burial mound in ancient Egypt, but researchers at the University of Chicago…

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Why you should be taking the time to eat more grass, veggies and flowers

A lot of the advice I hear when I ask people to eat less meat, dairy, and sugar is that they are doing it because they don’t have time for it.But the advice to stop eating meat, even if it is only for the short term, is often met with a lot of skepticism.There are…

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