• September 3, 2021

When gene flow will save a dying city

The world’s oldest city, the capital of ancient China, is about to be wiped out by a deadly pandemic.This will happen when people stop giving their genes to each other.Gene flow is the movement of genetic material from one person to another.It has been a staple of life in modern societies since the beginning of…

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How to order flower delivery in Chicago

I ordered flowers on the back of a delivery chihuahua.The delivery chimp didn’t even look up.I got a package that contained five flowers, each wrapped in bubble wrap, wrapped in plastic, and tucked inside a brown paper bag.The package was a gift from my favorite flower shop.“They’re just so pretty,” said the delivery chump.The delivery…

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“You can be a good feminist with a flower delivery service”: A post from the company’s CEO

It may not have a name, but the flower delivery company in Chicago is a major contender for a growing number of tech companies’ new feminist cred.The company’s founders, Dina and Dovid, have been raising money on Kickstarter for several months now, and they’ve just announced their first delivery service.The flower delivery business has a…

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