• September 18, 2021

Why do primroses look so sweet?

Aussie flower designer Peter Trosby has created a beautiful flower that looks just like a primrose, but has a little bit more depth.He said the rose had a “vibrant yellow color and a rich, vibrant bouquet”.The rose has been designed by Peter Tross, from the city of Melbourne.He told ABC Radio Melbourne the flower is…

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‘I’m very grateful’ for ‘I Am’ ‘I am’: I Am flower design designer Julee Berry reflects on the inspiration behind her design

I am the perfect person to wear a flower design.A perfect flower.A flower that’s perfect for you.The designer, a Washington, D.C.-based freelance artist, is best known for her design work, which she has been selling for more than a decade.Berry says she’s always wanted to create a design that could symbolize all that’s good in…

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What if flowers were a language?

By sharing photos of flowers, gifting them to your loved ones, or even asking them to sing a song, you can take the concept of a flower to new heights.We’ve rounded up the best flower designs to help you create your own unique flower-inspired songs.Whether you’re searching for the perfect flower to decorate your home…

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