• September 9, 2021

How to create a new song and dance song from scratch

A new song or dance song? If you’re a student, a teacher, a musician, or just someone who wants to make a new music video, then this article is for you.If you’re in the business of making music videos, this article can help you along the way.The best part? You don’t need any technical knowledge to make…

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‘Weird Al’ Yankovic, John Cena and Justin Timberlake perform at WWE SummerSlam

A bunch of wrestling stars made it to the main event of WWE Summer Slam in Orlando, Florida, on Sunday, and there were plenty of new faces to keep the fans entertained.It wasn’t a surprise to see WWE stars like “Weirdalicious” John Cena, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin and Justin Bieber make the main card.Also new…

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What if flowers were a language?

By sharing photos of flowers, gifting them to your loved ones, or even asking them to sing a song, you can take the concept of a flower to new heights.We’ve rounded up the best flower designs to help you create your own unique flower-inspired songs.Whether you’re searching for the perfect flower to decorate your home…

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