• September 21, 2021

Why are flower prices in flower markets down?

Flower prices in India have fallen by an average of over half a cent per kg in the past month, according to data released by the Indian Statistical Institute (ISI) on Friday.The price of a single gram of the green, purple and yellow flowers fell by around 10 per cent over the past year from…

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What is Ranunculus?

The name Ranuncula (pronounced ruh-NA-uh) is a flower with a bright yellow body, long, and red flowers.It has a wide, narrow, and erect stem with the base pointed towards the sun.The flowers are white, with the red part being the longest.Its fruit has a purple or yellow skin and red or yellow seeds.Ranuncus is one…

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How to make a new flower box that will never get old: Bee-friendly hive

The new bees won’t be too happy with the hive.The new hive won’t like the bees.The bees won.It won’t get much use.But the bees will enjoy the new flowers.It will have a new home.So what to do about that?For starters, bees are very territorial, so you might want to leave them out of the hive…

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