• August 6, 2021

The world’s most beautiful garden flower is a rare flower

A world-renowned garden flower called Venus has been found in a cave near the Indonesian city of Bandung, Indonesia. 

Venus is a flowering shrub native to Southeast Asia and is considered to be one of the most beautiful flower in the world. 

The world-famous flower, with its petals hanging from the tips of branches, was found in caves in the middle of the desert, local media reported. 

“It was found near a cave by an explorer who happened to come across it,” the Associated Press news agency quoted local news site Kompas as saying.

“The discovery was made when the cave collapsed in the cave,” it said. 

An official with the National Parks and Conservation Agency, Kompa Pabung, told the AFP news agency that a ranger from the National Park Service and a conservation officer found the flower in a narrow passage in the northern district of Bandambakkan, where the cave was located.

“They said they thought they had found the world’s rarest flower, but they found it after the cave had collapsed,” Pabeng said.

Venus was first described in 1797 by Dutch explorer Johan de Waal, who described its petal shape as “beautiful”. 

The flower, which is the fruit of the common Venus azurea, is a member of the aster family and has the most distinctive orange-yellow flowers.

“It is a beautiful, richly colored, beautiful flower with a long, dark purple petal,” the AP news agency reported.

The garden flower has been the subject of a number of hoaxes, including one in 2016 where the flower was mistakenly identified as the petal of a poisonous flower, the AP reported.

Venuses are not a native of Indonesia.

The plant is native to Malaysia and parts of Vietnam, Malaysia and Vietnam.