• August 8, 2021

What does the new 2018 budget mean for your flowers?

A new budget will have to be put into place for 2019 to make sure the state is able to continue with its work on the 2018 budget.

But it will be the first year that the state will have a full year of government to get its work in place.

The budget will not be completed until the end of July, but that will not happen until September.

The new budget, which will be presented in November, is expected to bring in $1.9 billion.

The money for schools, health and other services will be increased.

The State Government will need to increase its spending by $700 million to meet the needs of all New South Wales residents.

A total of $1,973 million will go towards the construction of hospitals and the maintenance of infrastructure.

There will be an increase of $800 million for the Indigenous and Torres Strait Islander Welfare Board, $300 million to help families with children and $300,000 for Aboriginal children in special needs programs.

There are also $400 million for childcare and $250 million for families.

The $1 billion increase in infrastructure is in addition to $800,000 more in funding for roads, bridges, rail and ports.

More money will be spent on regional transport, with $1 million earmarked for the Northern Suburbs.

The extra money will also be used to pay for more police and security guards.

The state will also increase its contribution to the National Disability Insurance Scheme, which was scrapped by the Howard government in December.

This means the amount paid by New South Welsh taxpayers to the NT government will be $300 a month, up from $250 a month.