• July 11, 2021

What you need to know about the floral thigh tattoo from Flowers

The NFL has banned players from wearing flower thigh tattoos in response to a number of recent incidents involving players who have been accused of sexual assault.

The league’s rules ban “anything that could potentially be construed as a ‘sexually suggestive’ design on a player’s body or in any other way to depict a sexualized image of a person or object.”

Flowers, whose full name is “Gentleman Flowers,” is one of those players.

Flowers’ former team, the Miami Dolphins, said last month it had suspended Flowers for violating its policies.

Flowers was also banned from participating in any team-related activities, including the team’s annual spring game, during which he had been a member of the Dolphins.

Flowers is the latest in a string of former players and coaches to have been suspended by the league this year.

The NFL said in a statement last week that it “is making a concerted effort to protect all of our players from harassment, abuse, intimidation, and discrimination.”