• July 13, 2021

Why did a few bluebell flowers bloom in Atlanta?

The flower-growing season is only a few months old and the bloomers in the Atlanta metro area are still struggling with their first summer of blooming.

In fact, some bluebells are already blooming before the weather gets warmer.

But it’s been nearly two years since the Atlanta Bluebell Flower Festival celebrated its first bloom.

And with warmer weather comes a little bit of sunshine, so what is it about the blossoms that make them so special?

What’s really making bluebell blooms unique?

They bloom during the fall, according to the Atlanta Botanical Garden.

This is due to the fact that they are the first flowers to appear in Georgia in February.

This gives the bloomer a warm welcome into their native environment.

The Bluebell Festival also has a tradition of offering visitors a variety of flowers, including tulips, jasmine, and rosemary.

What does the bloom mean for Atlanta’s weather?

This season, the bluebell is expected to bloom in mid-September and is expected take in over half of the city.

As temperatures drop, bluebell plants will have to adapt to a slightly cooler environment, which could result in a little more blooming this season.